Hi! Here I am.

Hello everyone. I just thought I’d introduce myself before I get started with anything here. My name is unforgivingAthena…. ok, it actually isn’t, but you get the point. I was born in China over 2 decades ago and moved to Singapore and then later Canada.

I originally started EntertainMe in my undergraduate years as a drama search and recommendation website, but I soon realized that it was a larger project than I had anticipated. So it went on the back burner of what I wanted to do as I carried on with my life and went to more school. >.>

A couple of months ago, I graduated from a long time of schooling and started trying my hand out at entrepreneurship — not EntertainMe, but another idea. Deep inside though, I always wanted to continue on this project. So. Here I am.

This is a really really really really simplified version of what I initally wanted to do, but I figured I have to somewhere. If I get enough readers and interest, I’ll figure out what can happen with the other idea. Lulz.

So why Chinese dramas, why not join the ranks of people blogging about Korean Dramas? Well… honestly, it has to do a little bit with my heritage pride (is that even a thing?) China has improved tremendously in the past few years with its entertainment circle and is still massively underestimated and misunderstood by the rest of the world. I I think it’s also part of my responsibility to shine a little light on the good parts of the country. ^_^

So for now, enjoy my recommendations and hopefully funny dissections of Chinese dramas.

Peace Out,


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