Summary: A Love So Beautiful (2017)

A Love So Beautiful (2017)[致我们单纯的小美好] is a casual school romance produced by HUACE Group in cooperation with Tencent Videos. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Zhào Qián Qián (赵乾乾), this drama describes the story of a girl who chases her first love all the while looking for her own path in the world.


English Name: A Love So Beautiful
Original Name: 致我们单纯的小美好 (lit. To our innocent little happiness)
Number of Episodes: 23
Length of Episodes: 45 minutes
Released Date: November 9th, 2017
Airing Schedule: Two episodes every Thursday and Friday at 8pm(BST)
Shooting Location: Zhuji, Zhejiang, China & Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Producer: Dài Lù (戴璐)
Director: Yáng Lóng (杨龙)
Scriptwriter: Zhào Qián Qián(赵乾乾), Wú Tóng(吴桐), Duàn Yú Lè(段余乐), Yú Kū(鱼枯), Zhōu Chǔ Cén(周楚岑), Wáng Yán Bèi(王妍蓓)

Character List

Main Cast

Jiāng Chén(江辰)
[胡一天 – Hú Yī Tiān]
A cold, aloof genius from the 8th class, becomes a cardiothoracic surgeon.“In this lifetime, I only like you. It’s like surgery, you have to be fast and precise.”

Chén Xiǎo Xī(陈小希)
[沈月- Shěn Yuè]
A student from the 8th class, later becomes a cute manga artist.

“A lifetime is so long, I didn’t think I would only like you.”


Lín Jìng Xiǎo(林静晓)
[王梓薇-Wáng Zǐ Wēi]

“Rosetta found Philae, I also found you.”


Wu Bo Song(吴柏松)
[高至霆-Gāo Zhì Tíng]

“The one with the greater love always steps back.”


Lu Yang(陆杨)
[孙宁- Sūn Níng]

“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t like a girl this much.”

 Supporting Cast

p2508873076 7de7fccbly1fldh3bf5bmj20u01hcwz0 006JTtChly1fij3hfc5tvj31400qodm8
李薇 – Lǐ Wēi
[吕艳 – Lǚ Yàn]
李束 – Lǐ Shù
[张何昊臻 – Zhāng Hé Hào Zhēn]
庄东娜 – Zhuāng Dōng Nà
[王俏霖 – Wáng Qiào Lín]
006JTtChly1fgyqsswoj5j33vc2kwe86 64b13703gy1fli0w3zr3pj216o1kwx6q 80cad453ly1fm5qbgidwtj21400qo79e
苏木 – Sū Mù
[周紫馨 – Zhōu Zǐ Xīn]
乔露 – Qiáo Lù
[王佳慧 – Wáng Jiā Huì]
王大庄 – Wáng Dà Zhuāng
[那聖岩 – Nà Shèng Yán]
lalalae taecher lalal
刘青山 – Liú Qīng Shān
[赵耀东 – Zhào Yào Dōng]
刘新霞 – Qiáo Lù
[秦子然 – Qín Zǐ Rán]
张世亮 – Wáng Dà Zhuāng
[徐明哲 – Xú Míng Zhé]
brother grandma
江锐 – Jiāng Ruì
[孙浠伦 – Sūn Xī Lún]
傅伂 – Fù Shì
[张星 – Zhāng Xīng]
Wú Bó Sōng’s grandma
[范淑珍 – Fàn Shū Zhēn]

… not complete… TBC

Video Links

[Tencent] [YouTube]

Episode Summary

1 2 3

Athena’s Ratings and Comments

Cast: 4/5
Storyline: 4/5
Sugar Level: 100000/5
Recommended for: Lonely girls who crave a love life. (Warning: You may never get a boyfriend if you base your standards on the male lead)

Woo. What a drama. When I watched it intially (before it completed airing), I thought that the premise was wayyy too similar to Itazura Na Kiss. How did this not get sued for plagiarism? Then, having read the original novel while waiting for the drama to air, I can see why, despite the similarities, it would be hard for that case to stand.

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. If my buried feminist felt a little digusted at the way Itazura Na Kiss handled the whole stupid girl chase a genius boy scenario, it was definately pleased by this rendition. Gone is the unexplained and strange change from digust to love from the male lead, in its place, an enjoyable exploration of growing feelings and growth pains. Also gone is the cringeworthy female lead, in its place, a strong, abeit not book-smart, girl willing to chase after both her man and her dreams. Seriously, I never understood why Irie suddenly decided to accept Kotoko at the end of the series, no matter which version I watched.

I think the best way to summarize my feelings for this drama is, it filled the part of me that always craved for the “from school uniform to wedding dress” and the “known you since you were young” type of romance. It’s all very adorable to me, cause I know that it’s no longer possible in my life. And besides, with the high face value (颜值- a term coined by chinese netizens as a representation of how good looking you are) of Hú Yī Tiān, the slightly comedic nature of the story telling and the ENDLESS. AMOUNT. OF. SUGAR. in this drama. I’d pick it up and watch it again any day when I’m feeling a little down.

One thought on “Summary: A Love So Beautiful (2017)

  1. I totally felt that way about this drama too! It resembles Itazura Na Kiss so much from the love letter to the sports tournament. I do love this drama better because the female lead wasn’t as desperate as Kotoko. Glad I’m not the only one who saw the series’ resemblance.


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