A Love So Beautiful (2017): Ep 2 Recap

EP TWO!! Let’s GO!

Ep 2: Can you take me on your bike?

Legend: XX  – Xiao Xi; JC  – Jiang Chen; LJX – Lin Jing Xiao; LY – Lu Yang; WBS – Wu Bo Song

The episode starts with two of XX’s classmates discussing that the Chunchun Baidu Tieba (the idol that XX and LJX was chasing) is going to appoint a couple of moderators with XX eavesdropping in the back. The two girls scoffs that it’s not possible that XX will become a moderator when she asks.

In class, JC looks like he’s deep in thought and not paying attention for once. XX looks curiously at him when she receives a text message telling her that she was selected as a Tieba moderator. Caught looking at her phone, the teacher asks her to analyze the passage that they were reading in class out loud. LJX silently tells her that it’s about “Your dad being gone. Don’t Chase him.” XX regurgitates: “Don’t chase. He’ll come back.”

Turns out the essay was actually about how in this life, your relationship will your parents is about seeing them walk further and further way from you. Therefore, you should treat your parents well. The bell rings, and the teacher assigns them their homework, an essay about your parents.  During break, JC rests his head on his hands looking upset. XX picks up on his negative energy and tells LJX that JC is acting weird and hasn’t said anything today. LJX scoffs that JC never says past 3 sentences normally anyways.

XX takes the chance to ask LJX what the moderator does. LJX tells her that there are over 100, 000 fans on that Tieba and being a moderator would mean so many special benefits. She tells XX not to overthink as XX only has the fate of a normal citizen. XX says: “Hah, I was just selected to be a moderator.” This was overheard by her two gossiping classmates and they immediately tries to suck up to XX.

Our group of 5 friends sit together for lunch. XX starts asking JC to go home with her after school before getting cut off by LY telling JC and WBS to come to the net cafe to watch his wedding (cyber). LY tries to convince them to come by offering them a wife each, which catches the attention of XX.

After school LY drags the both of them to the net cafe anyways. XX follows them and sneaks up on them. LY exciting points his virtual wife on the screen , turning his head only to find LJX standing besides him.


XX asks if the other two have cyber wives, to which LY replies, all the while not taking his eye off LJX: “One of them isn’t at the level yet, the other believes in Singleism?” XX is very statisfied at that answer and sneaks off to use the computer by herself. WBS looks over at XX’s screen and ask if it’s QQ that’s on her screen. He’s usually busy with practice and his coach doesn’t let him use the computer. XX gasps at his lack of a childhood and signs up for a account for him. A news pop up appears on the screen about an upcoming competition. WBS points to it and asks if XX wants to come. XX sheepishly asks if it cost money to which WBS replies that he’ll give her money to come. JC sneaks a look at the two of them. XX agrees to come cheer WBS on.

XX looks at her QQ notebook to see a reminder that says today is JC’s death anniversary, which explain JC’s more sullen than normal attitude.

The dean approaches the net cafe to check if any students from their school are there, prompting the team to engage in a mad dash away from the net cafe. XX discovers that her bike was stolen.

XX sits behind WBS and LY sits behind JC. WBS swerves to avoid a pedestrian and the two of them falls off the bike.

WBS pretends to be hurt with a smile on his face, XX sees this and tells him to stop pretending. They get back on the bikes, WBS rotates his shoulder to find that he might be hurt after all. (Ouch).

XX tells her parents that she lost her bike (yet again). She says that its not her fault, she just went inside a bookstore to buy exams only to come out and find that her bike is gone. (LOLLL Bookstore). She tells her parents that she doesn’t need a bike these few days and she wants to walk to school.


She asks her parents if they need to do anything for JC’s dad’s death anniversary. Her dad says that his mother is gonna come back in a few days. XX then asks her parents if they need to buy anything for his mother as JC, being a guy, might not know how to do so. Her parents agree and hands her 50RMB.

The next day, XX walks out of her building singing “JC is going to take me to school….” (ROFLMAO). She looks around to find that his bike is gone. So she sets off on a run to school. WBS meets her on the way and takes her on his bike the rest of the way.

XX asks WBS what would be a good gift to give to a middle-aged woman, like his mom, what would his mom like. WBS says that his mother would probably like a new husband. XX says I don’t think I can help with the new husband thing.

In class, the chinese teacher says that there were a couple of students who did really well for their essay, especially JC. The teacher asks if JC would like to read his essay out loud, JC refuses. The teachers asks for a voluteer, to which XX raises her hand. XX reads JC’s essay about his father.


The essay was basically about a time when JC was 7 years old and ran away from home because he accidentally pushed his younger brother. His father took him on the back of his bike to eat a bowl of noodles. JC is blinking back tears. We see a flashback of young JC and his father sitting at a table eating a bowl of noodles.


At lunch, XX asks JC to go home together after school. On the way home, XX asks if JC wants to come to her place for dinner tonight. JC hands XX the keys to his bike and says that he still has something to do.


We see JC walking by a noodle place, presumably the same one that his dad took him to. He looks around to find it full of people, so he walks away.

XX is shopping in a convenience store buying some household items for JC’s mom. LJX jokingly asks if JC is gonna marry her if she buys these things. XX says: “Haven’t you heard the saying? In order to conquer a man, you first have to conquer his mother?” (Wait…. I thought it was conquer his stomach….). LJX asks what the heck his mother has to do with her? XX says that JC actually really wants his mother to come back and stay with him. LJX asks if this XX is trying to suck up to her future mother-in-law. LOL. LJX asks what it’s like to like some one?

When he appears, the environment loses color. He shines in the crowd.

XX tells LJX (and the audience) about why she liked him in the first place. We get flashbacked to that moment and see XX happen on JC at the bookstore buying something a kid that was a stranger.


XX goes on to say “Liking someone is a really simple thing.” They bump into her classmates who asks if XX has starred their posts on the Tieba yet. XX, at the direction of LJX, says in a fake haughty tone that she has to think about the Tieba in general. They walk out of the store for XX to realize that an important Tieba event conflicts with something. She texts the head moderator of the Tieba to tell her that she can’t make it, only to have her responsbilities as a moderator rescinded.

She meets her two classmates on the way and grudging admits that she has been fired as a moderator and that she’ll return their bribes for starring their posts. WBS rides by and saves her from an awkward situation.

We see XX the next day watching WBS’s swimming competition. To teh audience’s surprise, he doesn’t win first. As he’s getting interviewed about his feelings for getting second, he hears XX’s cheer in the audience and see the misspelled sign that she’s holding up. He brushes aside the reporter with a nonchalant response.

We see him massaging his shoulder in the dressing room and see his coach scolding him about the lost.

The scene switches to JC preparing the house for his mother’s return. He receives a text message from his mother saying that she can’t come back because his younger brother is sick. To take care of himself and that she sent money over.


XX takes WBS out to dinner to comfort him for his lost. At dinner, she comforts him by saying that even Liu Xiang has gotten second. And look at her, she has only gotten a couple of firsts in her life. Like when she was in primary school, she was fastest at making plastic bracelets, in junior high she was best at drawing the teacher picking his nose (LOLOL what?!?!?). And that’s… it. WBS asks for XX’s misspelled cheering sign as a present, in return, he gave her his silver medal — promising to trade it one day for a gold medal.

She rushes off at 6:00pm to JC’s house bearing gifts, not knowing that JC’s mother decided not to come home. This obviously sprinkled salt of JC’s wounds, and he tells her to leave and take her stuff with her. XX is offended that JC would rather not prepare things for his mother than use XX’s stuff.  XX launches into a tirade berating JC about being cold and aloofted to everyone that cares about him and mentions that JC’s mother often call’s her mother to ask about JC. We find out that JC doesn’t reply to his mother’s text messages. JC pushes XX out the door.

XX kicks his door and leaves. That night after JC takes a shower, he sits at the couch and reaches behind him to find a family photo with his mother and father.


At the dinner table, XX’s mother mentioned that JC’s mother isn’t coming back again. We also learn that at JC’s dad’s funeral, his mother also didn’t come back. XX’s mother asks XX to take a building management notice to JC after dinner. Hearing this, XX shovels food in her mouth and rushes to find JC.

The scene shifts to show JC returning home with a bag of medicine, oh noes… is he sick as well? We see him pop a piece of medicine in his mouth and fall asleep on the couch with the door still open. XX see the door opens and walks in calling JC’s name. She walks in apologizing and finds JC sleeping on the couch with a fever. In a mad rush, she takes the blanket and every piece of JC’s clothing out of the clostet and piles it on him (ROFL). She stays by his side until it was past 11. While staring at his face, she reaches out and touches his eye lashes. JC stirs and she hurriedly retrieves her hand.

Cleaning the mess on his desk, XX finds JC’s family photo on the floor.


Deciding it was too late, she tucks him in one more time and leaves his apartment. JC wakes up and looks at the pile of clothes on himself confusedly. He sees the management notice on the table and realized that XX must’ve come over.

We see him go to the noodle store again at night amd sits at a table. When the store owner greets him, he asks for a bowl of fried noodles with an fried egg.

The store owner asks why it’s just him that came and that it has been a long time since they came by. The owner asks how his father has been recently. To which he replies…. not bad. (awww… =() JC pulls out his phone and sends a message to his mother telling her to take care of his brother.


The next day, XX gets woken up by her dad and asks him to buy her a bicycle. She walks out of the building to find JC waiting for her. She greets him morning and asks if she can sit on the back seat of his bike. He says no, all the while handing her his backpack. She mutters happily, “I’m very light.”

To be Continued…


The ending clip shows XX dressed up as the famous Lady White Snake singing about not having a dad before her dad actually walks in. LOL.


Athena’s Comments:

Well. If the first episode introduced us to how the group of five got together, this episode gave us a full view of why JC is the way he is. Cold, aloofted and overly independent. Come on, tell me this does not make more sense than why Irie is so cold. LOL.

In this episode, we also see WBS’s budding feelings for the happy-go-lucky XX. I mean, what isn’t there to like about her!

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