A Love So Beautiful (2017): Ep 3 Recap

So sorry for the gap in postings!! Ep 3!~~ (I really love Hu Yi Tian)

Ep 3: Please Vote For Me!

Legend: XX  – Xiao Xi; JC  – Jiang Chen; LJX – Lin Jing Xiao; LY – Lu Yang; WBS – Wu Bo Song

As usual, picture heavy post ahead!

This episode starts when our group’s homeroom teacher announces that because their previous class president had transferred to Beijing for school, the position has been empty for a while. Their homeroom teachers  voluntolds Jiang Chen to be the president. LJX tells XX in a voice that only they can hear: “You’re gonna be the madame of the class president.” To the class’s surprise, Jiang Chen politely declines the appointment and suggests that someone else take the position. This sets off a series of chain reactions where other classmates raise their hands and ask to be the president instead. Their chinese teacher suggest that they use a democratic means to decide who gets the job!

The class resumes and LJX, looking at the handwriting of their chinese teacher, wonders how even became a chinese teacher. LOLOLLL It is ugly… mine is worse.


During break, XX and LJX walks by one of their classmates promising class positions if he wins. XX puzzedly asks why everyone wants to to be the class president. LJX asks, “What, have you never been in power before, do you not know the benefits?” (Referring to XX’s brief stint as a moderator of the Chunchun Tieba) XX lights up: “Oh! BRIBES!” They get back to the classroom to find JC cleaning up the blackboard, XX offers to wipe the blackboard for him. JC declines and LJX asks why JC can’t wipe the board. XX tells LJX that JC got the cold, it wouldn’t be good for him to breath in chalkdust.

LJX eggs XX on to run for class president so that JC never has to wipe the blackboard ever again. LOL. At lunch, XX asks why JC doesn’t want to be the president. JC curtly replies that it’s annoying. LY pipes in, “Look at you, you copy other’s homework. WBS skips class. LJX gets into fights. Should JC help you guys or not?” Getting the evil eye from the 3 of them, LY grudgingly admits that he reads novels during class. WBX pipes in “R-rated ones”.

Li Wei walks by their table and asks JC to give some advice on her speech with the sweetest smile on her face.

The scene shifts and we see Li Wei and a couple of other classmates raise their hands up to run for class president. XX also puts her hands up after their homeroom teacher asks if there is anyone else all the while looking at JC.


At the school supermarket, XX laments to LJX that her hand doesn’t listen to her. LOL. Made an impulsive decision I see. The two girls overhear another classmate saying to Li Wei that she couldn’t believe XX was running for class because XX usually causes the most trouble in class. LJX, hearing this, wants to confront them before getting stopped by XX.

XX wonders why people are so amused by her running for class president, it’s not like her grades are that bad, she only got 37 on her math exam once (probably out of 100). LOL.   The scene shifts and we see XX reading her speech where she’s describing her father as a coal miner (lollll playing the pity card, eh?) Her dad walks in and looks at her with a weird look on his face.

At school, XX squats in the corner of the field and practices various ways of greeting the class. She gets overheard by WBS, who tells her that her script is… kinda… uh… bad. He asks her if she thinks she has any advantages over the others, to which she replies “Close to the people”. WBS facepalms and tells her that her advantage is “Sincerity!!”

XX clearly is working hard on this, as she’s even reciting the speech when she’s filling up her water bottle. She see JC come along to fill up his bottle and asks if he’s gonna vote for her. He replies with a cryptic, “What do you think?” OK, mister.

We see Li Wei make her speech… and find that it’s very similar to XX’s. XX clears her throat and starts reading her speech. She trails off in nervousness. WBS, LJX and LY raises up cute signs to cheer her on.


The votes get tallied up and we see that Li Wei and XX are getting pretty close in votes. Near the end, we see that Li Wei has 14 votes and XX has 15. XX raises her hand and says “JC isn’t here!” The teacher said that she sent JC to do something and we won’t wait for him. At that moment, JC walks in and the classmate tallying up the votes asks him who he votes for. He looks over at the board and XX’s face of anticipation and say “Li Wei”. (Damnnnn). Their homeroom teacher that they should try both girls for a week before revoting next friday and assigns them their first task — collecting the school fees. The entire time, XX looks down at the floor in disappointment.


The next day, we see Li Wei bring JC breakfast as a thanks for voting for her yesterday. JC politely rejects when LJX walks by and says, in a sarcastic tone, that he should keep it as a snack. At break, Li Wei’s friend, while talking to JC, said that he should’ve been class president so that Li Wei can be the vice president. There then wouldn’t be someone like XX who don’t know her own weight. LJX, hearing this, riles up and get ready to fight before being stopped by WBS who says “Yeah, you guys are all heavier than my big brother.” LOLL. WBS stopped JC who stood up, and asked him why he didn’t vote for XX. LJX echoes WBS’s question. JC said: “She’s not suitable”, and leaves the classroom.

XX hearing this, runs to catch up with him and asks him why he thinks she’s not suitable. He replies, “You just aren’t.” XX then questions why Li Wei is suitable, JC replies “She’s more suitable than you.” Pissed off, XX kicks JC at his calf and runs off as he cries “Are you crazy?”

At lunch, XX counts the school fees that she collected while telling LJX that she kicked JC, earning high praises from LJX. She grumbles if she should apologize to him. Back in class, XX realizes she still hasn’t collected the school fees from JC yet. JC pulls out a 100RMB bill and asks for change. Before XX could give him the change, they get interrupted by Li Wei who’s playing the messenger for their chinese teacher who wants JC to copy his report for him, because his writing was nice. LJX rolls her eyes.

After counting the fees, she stuffs it in her writing book (oh dear, I can see where this is going). The next day, Li Wei approaches XX and tells her that its due this afternoon. XX grudgingly agrees and starts rummaging through her books. LOL. LJX asks her whats wrong and nearly yells out “Did you lose the fees?” before getting pulled out by XX.

In the hallway, she admits to LJX that she lost the school fee. The two of them panics and finds WBS waiting outside. To let less people know, XX says that her stomach hurts when WBS asks what’s wrong. As LJX and XX tries to trace back on where the fees could have gone, we see JC looking at XX in the background (awww, you’re worried).


On the other side of the field, WBS is worried and asks if LY has medicine for stomachache. LY tells him to go find the school doctor instead. WBS fakes a stomachache and walks into the school clinics. The school doctors sees through his acts and tells him that stomachache for girls and guys are different. The doctor hands him a packet of red sugar.

LJX walks by muttering to herself about where the fees could be, JC overhears her and finally understands why XX was frustrated the whole day. LJX draws a map of all the locations that XX and her has been to. She replies, “Trying to solve a case” when LY asks what she’s doing. LY suggests that she goes look at the CCTV to see if there are any clues.

The scene shifts and we see XX flipping a coin at the stairwell to make up an excuse to not be in class this afternoon. WBS finds her and asks if her stomach still hurts and hands her the packet of red sugar. JC walks by, turns and say “You lost the school fees?” XX denies. JC says “Oh” and begins walking away before XX hugs his leg to stop him. LOL.

She admits that she lost the fees and asks JC to help her. JC sits down beside her and ask how she lost it and where she saw it last. When XX says she can’t remember, JC asks her where she put the fees after she collected it from him. She remembers that she put it in her writing workbook which has been collected by the teacher. She asks JC to help her get it back. JC tells her to come over and says “Aren’t you really good at kicking people? Go kick the chinese teacher.” LOL. Such a grudge man.

XX works up her courage and walks up to the chinese teacher’s office and practices her lines: “I’m sorry teacher, I was wrong. Please don’t tell my homeroom teacher.” She hears the chinese teacher rebuke another student say the exact same line and runs. In the middle of self-study block, XX feigns a stomachache and leaves the classroom. LJX follows after her. WBS thought that XX has diarrhea and also leaves. JC, seeing that the four of them all left the classroom, leaves to save their ass. LOL. We see WBS at a medicine store asking for diarrhea medicine. LJX and LY sneaks inside the CCTV room to check the tape.

XX sneaks into the chinese teacher’s office and flips through the workbooks, nearly knocking over the teacher’s tea when JC walks in. He sits there and warns XX when he hears the teacher coming over.

Both the homeroom teacher and the chinese teacher walks in and asks them why they were there. JC replies that the chinese teacher is looking for him. XX puts on her drama face and says to the homeroom teacher that she has things to say. She goes into the dramatic speech about how she wants to be responsible to the class and stuff. The homeroom teacher is like… ?????. JC overhearing this, chokes and coughs. Both return to their class.

The bell rings and XX decides to confront her mistakes and admits in front of the class that she lost the school fees. Before she does though, JC walks in and says XX left the school fees with me.

All’s well that ends well. But XX decides to admit that she lost the school fees anyways and quits her job as the class president. The homeroom teacher takes this opportunity to give the class a lesson in forgiveness.

After school, XX tells WBS that she doesn’t have a stomachache and apologized that she wasted his money buying medicine for her. WBS says he’s perfectly willing to spend money for Big Brother. XX says she can’t keep medicine. WBS throws it in the air and leaves, forcing XX to catch it.

On the way home, XX tells JC that he’s right, she isn’t suitable to be class president. JC gets on his bike, looks at her and says she did a pretty good job as the class president before running off. XX breaks out into a big smile when she hears what he said and tells him to wait for her. JC said, “Why should I wait? For you to kick me?”

The episode ends with XX chasing after JC’s bike while he laughs at her.


Athena’s Comments:

In this episode, we begin to see budding feelings from WBS for XX as he runs around buying all sorts of things for her when he notices something wrong. At the same time, we also see JC’s concern and care for XX, which she might not always understand. The dynamic is interesting though, because despite being pissed off at JC, XX still tells him that she lost the school fees, because deep in her heart she trusts that JC will take care of her. That kind of trust can only stem from years and years of JC covering up after her.


Sorry for the delay, will be back very soon,


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