Summary: Negotiator (2018)

Negotiator (2018)[谈判官] is a modern city romance that talks about the love story between Tong Wei (Yang Mi) and rich successor Xie Xiao Fei (Huang Zi Tao).


English Name: Negotiator
Original Name: 谈判官
Number of Episodes: 42
Length of Episodes: 45 minutes
Released Date: Feburary 4th, 2018
Airing Schedule: Monday-Thursday; Sunday (2 Eps); Friday, Saturday (1 Eps);
Producer: Dài Lù (戴璐)
Director: Liú Yī Zhì (刘一志)
Scriptwriter: Fèi Huì Jūn (费慧君), Lǐ Xiǎo Liàng (李晓亮)

Character List

Main Cast



Tóng Wēi (童薇)
[杨幂-Yáng Mì]
CAEA Negotiator, Professional. Negotiating Style is courageous but detailed, thus always successful on the discussion table.

“I’ve never lost on the negotiation table, but throw away all defences in front of you”


Xiè Xiǎo Fēi(谢晓飞)
[黄子韬-Huáng Zǐ Tāo]
Has an uncommon negotiation technique and is a proud and untamed heir of a family business. Grew up in the USA. He never admits lost in the business, but because of an unseen circumstance falls into an abject situation.

“Even if you say we can’t be together, I must conquer your heart.”


Qín Tiān Yǔ(秦天宇)
[郭品超-Guō Pǐn Chāo]

Warm hearted Lawyer who has feelings for Tong Wei.

“I defeat all obstacles in a business battle, but I’ve never had you.”


Xià Shān Shān(夏衫衫)
[毛林林-Máo Lín Lín]

Tong Wei’s best friend, skilled negotiator. Always making sacrifices for love.

“If I can choose again, I want to live the life of a normal person.”

 Supporting Cast

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Episode Summary

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