A Love So Beautiful (2017): Ep 2 Recap

EP TWO!! Let’s GO!

Ep 2: Can you take me on your bike?

Legend: XX  – Xiao Xi; JC  – Jiang Chen; LJX – Lin Jing Xiao; LY – Lu Yang; WBS – Wu Bo Song

The episode starts with two of XX’s classmates discussing that the Chunchun Baidu Tieba (the idol that XX and LJX was chasing) is going to appoint a couple of moderators with XX eavesdropping in the back. The two girls scoffs that it’s not possible that XX will become a moderator when she asks.

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A Love So Beautiful (2017): Ep 1 Recap

And here we go! Note: Lots of images, those reading this on data, go forth at your own risk.

Ep 1: Dear Jiang Chen

The drama starts with a monologue by our female lead Chen Xiao Xi in the present. An adult Xiao Xi recounts that the most important thing in her life has been drawing…. and… heh.

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Summary: A Love So Beautiful (2017)

A Love So Beautiful (2017)[致我们单纯的小美好] is a casual school romance produced by HUACE Group in cooperation with Tencent Videos. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Zhào Qián Qián (赵乾乾), this drama describes the story of a girl who chases her first love all the while looking for her own path in the world.

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